The World Is Your Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster


The drink of the summer may have been the Spritz, but as the nights draw in, there’s something altogether more refined we wish for: a Martini.


We will never know the true origins of the Martini – though the most common belief is that it was created by bartender Jerry Thomas​​​​​ during the Gold Rush in San Francisco in the 1870s. But what we do know is that the drink has always been associated with the sophisticated and glamorous among us; Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart and of course, James Bond.


How do you drink yours? Vodka or gin, dirty or dry, we think a Martini is the perfect post-work, pre-dinner drink. And what goes better with a Martini than a freshly shucked oyster?


That’s why, for the month of September, we’re cancelling all of our meetings between 5pm and 7pm, and implore you to do the same. That way, you can join us at the Veneta bar for a Martini (or three!)
Oh, and every time you order a Martini, you’ll get an oyster too – on us.



This offer is valid Monday -Friday, from 5PM to 7PM. All martinis are priced at £10. Promotion begins 13th September and runs until 27th October. Only available to diners over 18. Oyster hour is subject to availability and space at the bar.