Of All the Gin Joints, in All the World…

Of All the Gin Joints, in All the World…


The origin of the Gin and Tonic has always been a little unclear, but as far as the facts are concerned, the following is true:


The Dutch invented the gin in its earliest form and named it ‘Genever’. Then in the 1700’s, the first ‘Gin and Tonic’ was created by soldiers in the British East India Company army stationed in India. The treatment for malaria at the time was Quinine (an ingredient found in tonic water) and the taste was rather unpleasant on its own, so the soldiers created a sort of tonic water by mixing it with sugar, lime and water and a medicinal splash of gin (of course!) to make it go down a little easier.


Despite all the historical roots, statistics have shown that the country that consumes more gin than anywhere else in the world is Spain. It’s widely considered that it was the Spanish who perfected ‘the serve’ and elevated the humble Gin and Tonic to what it has become today; with glass specifications and the addition of garnish. These two factors amplify and emphasise the individual botanicals of the gin.


The Spanish believe that you can’t serve a Gin and Tonic in any old glass – it must be a Copa de Balon (a balloon cup), which is exactly how we serve it at Dehesa. The large, bulbous bowl of the glass has an increased surface area, big enough to fit your nose in – as aroma is 80% of taste.


At Dehesa, we’re passionate about serving your Gin and Tonic the RIGHT way, so you can enjoy it just as it should be. We have created four delicious variations (plus one non-alcoholic!) for you to choose from.


We spoke to our bar team at Dehesa who gave us some tips on how to serve the perfect Gin and Tonic:


Use large cubes of ice, which will melt slowly and keep your drink cool without diluting it – this is an integral feature of the Gin and Tonic

Choose a garnish that complements the botanicals in your gin. E.g. Our Gin Mare Gin and Tonic is garnished with rosemary – to enhance the herbaceous, Mediterranean notes – as Gin Mare is distilled with Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and mandarin

Drink your Gin and Tonic with friends, or alone, in the day or the evening. But never drink just one!