Celebrate Pride with a Free Cocktail at Veneta

Celebrate Pride with a Free Cocktail at Veneta


This year, London is set to host it’s most vibrant Pride ever and Veneta want to be part of the action!


London will be marching with a message of acceptance and love in an attempt to stamp out the reminder that the battle for true equality is far from over. Sadly, the people of Venice will not get such an opportunity – which is why we are eager to show our support for this delightful cause.


Last year, the Italian Parliament vowed to allow civil unions between couples of the same sex. However, there are still restrictions throughout the city of Venice itself to prevent the celebration of homosexuality – which were put in place by the current mayor Luigi Brugnaro. In 2015, Brugnaro officially banned books on homosexuality from city schools and implemented a ban on Gay Pride parades in the city.


We wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have the luxury to embrace who they are, whatever their sexuality.


So, at Veneta, we have a delicious cocktail available (concocted by our talented barman Guido), for those who pop by and quote ‘bring equality to Venice‘. In return we ask that you Instagram or Tweet your cocktail snaps with the hashtag #bringequalitytovenice, to help us spread awareness that Venetian gay voices matter too!


For more information and to book please email us here or call us on 0203 874 9100.


One cocktail per person. Our Pride cocktail offer runs until Saturday 8th July.