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Christmas at Dehesa

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On the vibrant lanes of Carnaby Street, Dehesa unravels a Christmas tapestry of flavors and fervor. Our holiday menu paints a picture of traditional Spanish tapas, dusted with a touch of Christmas magic. Whether you're looking for a quiet corner with mistletoe and wine or a grand soirée with bells and whistles, Dehesa promises to make every moment memorable. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the season with every bite.

Christmas Menus

Intrigued by our festive spread? Discover our enchanting Christmas menus for a gastronomic delight.

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Christmas Sparkles

Wine Pairing

Christmas Canapés


Private Hire

Turn the spotlight on your festive celebrations with Dehesa's exclusive private hire. Right in the heart of Carnaby Street, our cosy venue becomes a canvas for your personalized events. From corporate festivities to heartwarming family dinners, we offer a unique setting that combines privacy with Dehesa's signature Spanish allure. Immerse in a custom-tailored experience, delectable tapas, and the festive charm of Carnaby. Let us curate a Christmas event that echoes with joy and jubilation.

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Keen to celebrate amidst Carnaby's festive glow? Start your Dehesa holiday booking journey by clicking the link below.