The Wine Merchant of Veneta

The Wine Merchant of Veneta


Valerio Preziosi is Veneta’s very own Italian Stallion, beverage enthusiast and dedicated wine consumer. He has been with us since we opened last year and is particularly passionate about all things wine related. We thought we would delve a little deep and find out what it is that makes him tick…


What was it that initially fed your passion for wine?

I have always been interested in food and different cuisines, and with this, wine seemed to follow. I really started to appreciate wine when I began working as a waiter, however, when I was a child I spent many summers at my Grandmother’s village close to the Appenini Laziali and it was here during the long Sunday lunches that I used to take small tastes of the Vina da Tavola red. I suppose that was the beginning of my wine journey!


What is your favourite wine on Veneta’s wine list and why?

Here at Veneta we have a great selection of wines – all of which show the diversity and particularity of seven different wine regions. Many grapes we have on our list are not very well-known and it is through this lack of familiarity that we are able to take our guests on a journey. For me, naming one wine is very difficult because they are all fantastic, but I do love the Nebbiolo grape, so a wine from this region would get my vote.


You recently had the opportunity to visit the London Wine Fair, how was this experience and what did you learn?

It’s always great to keep contact with the winemakers. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to chat with them about their own passions and what it is they love about wine. I learnt a great deal about North American wines, which wasn’t my strongest forte to begin with!


If you could title one of our wines ‘Affordable and Fabulous’, which wine would you choose?

If I were to choose a wine from our list, with the style and price in mind, I would definitely choose the Coffele, Soave Classico 2015. At only £36 a bottle, this Garganega blend is a sophisticated wine – perfect for this lovely July weather we’ve been having!


For the next couple of weeks, we will be opening a couple of bottles of this wonderful Coffele and selling it by the glass to give you a chance to try this great wine. Do stop by and see us.